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Initial Service Choice - Business Complete 

Setup Fee - $500
1st Month Minimum - $100 (Due on Account Activation)
2nd Month Minimum - $300
3rd Month and Thereafter Monthly Minimum - $500

This solution will provide you, the ISP, with all services needed to run an ISP and just leave the marketing and sales up to you. 

The minimum is NOT in addition to your per user charges. You will be invoiced for no less than the monthly minimum for dial-up services per month. Only the PPP/ISDN services count toward the minimum.

Monthly per User Cost - $9.50

What you get: 
(Services below are included in your above prices)

  • Dial-up Access through Existing & Future networks

  • 5 Email Accounts for each of your customers

  • 10MB of personal FTP space for each of your customers

  • Newsgroups for all Customers

  • Generic 24/7 Technical Support for your Customers
    (ISP (YOU) must provide Toll-Free Number to direct to technical support number we provide) 

  • Handling of your billing through your own Merchant Account (Merchant account must be and all billing is done by credit card through us)

  • Customer Signup Software Branded with your Logos

  • Unlimited Hosting Package to Host your ISP

  • Virtual DNS Servers

  • Wholesale Web Hosting

  • Call Finder Script

  • Instant Account Sign-up Scripts

  • Hands on Assistance with all Scripts + Setup

  • Optional Wholesale to Wholesale Program



ISP Management

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