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Upon signature of the Become an ISP contract and all initial startup fees, you will receive the following:

  1. 3-Letter ID and a Password which will identify you on the network and give you access to the real-time account management system.

  2. Access to website advertising utilities and some advice on how to advertise your ISP company and much more !!

Below are the Become an ISP contracts. These contracts must be reviewed and signed, then faxed to us. 
We Will Have You Setup Today !!

Customer Application - ISP Application

Service Selections - ISP Service Selections

ISP Reseller Agreement - Reseller Agreement

Authorization - Payment Authorization.

You can fax us over all the required information and we will have you setup within 24hrs after receiving the faxed papers, however you will still need to send the contracts by regular mail.

The below form is only required if you are signing up for our Wholesale 2 Wholesale Program.

Wholesale to Wholesale - Addendum to Agreement

Mailing Address: Internet Services
P.O Box 193
S.Carver, MA 02366

Phone: 508-866-7266
Fax: 508-866-2011


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