Static IP FAQ's

What is A Static IP?

Just as each building on a street has an address, so does each computer on the Internet. This "address scheme" allows you to distinguish between every computer on the Internet. For example, you may have come across a number in association with Internet lingo such as ""--or something similar. This is an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

When I Call 1access via Modem, do I have an IP Address?

Yes, You do. However, what is important to note here is that, unless you have purchased what's called a "Static IP Address," your IP address is DIFFERENT every time you call one of our access numbers. Your IP address is assigned to you when you connect for that session, and then will change the next time you connect to your ISP.

What Will a Static IP Address do for me?

The only reason you would need a Static IP Address is if you wish to turn your computer into some sort of server, or if you want the convenience of knowing that every time you connect to your ISP, you're going to use the same IP address. A Static IP Address would allow you to give out one address to everyone, and they could then use that address to connect to your server while you were connected to your ISP.

Other examples of uses include using a Static IP Address in conjunction with an email server, a WWW server, or playing a multiuser game with others on the Internet.

I'm Interested. What are the fees and what is included?

Since there are many more users than there are Static IP Addresses available, there is a charge of $4 per month for this service. Virtual ISP Customers tend to make their money off of setup fees for this service.

Is this feature popular?

Yes, this feature is very popular. Since most ISP's do not offer static IP's to their customers you can typically get away with charging a setup fee plus a monthly fee for this service. Advertising static IP's is a great way to attract new customers!

Additional Notes of Importance

  • A static IP Address will work only while connected to our ISP. It cannot be used with any other provider or account. Your IP address will only be working when you connect to the specific account for which you purchase the IP Address.
  • A Static IP Address will NOT change your email address.